This website contains official University Policy documents that have been adopted in accordance with Auburn University’s Policy on Policies. The process for adopting and revising University Policies is coordinated through the Office of the General Counsel.

University Policies

  • Apply “university-wide” and pertain to more than one division of the University;
  • Enhance the mission of the University;
  • Require an Executive Officer's review and approval for University Policy adoption and revisions;
  • Contain procedural guidelines to inform, constrain, and govern the University;​
  • Help ensure compliance with applicable state and federal laws and regulations​​;
  • Capture management decisions and provide a record of University operations;
  • Promote operational effectiveness and efficiency and reduce institutional risks; and
  • Control in the event of conflict with college, school, department, division, or unit level policies.  
  • ​​​​​If a policy fits the criteria above, it is a University Policy.
  • If it does not, it is Unit-level Policy.
  • Only the policy documents housed in the University Policy Database carry the full force of the University. 

*NOTE: University Policy documents are not contracts. The Auburn University Board of Trustees and authorized Executive Officers of the University maintain exclusive discretion to exercise the customary functions of institutional management to revise University Policies as they deem appropriate. This Official Policy Database was designated by the administration as the official University policy source on October 15, 2009, and that action ratified by the Board of Trustees on June 10, 2016. 


Questions regarding specific University Policies should be directed to the office responsible for administering that policy. 

Policy administrators should contact the  University Policy Coordinator regarding Auburn University's Policy on Policies​ and the policy adoption, revision, and withdrawal processes.