Information Security Incident Response Team (ISIRT)

The Information Security Incident Response Team (ISIRT) is designated to lead response to all information security incidents on campus. We cannot overstate how critical information security is to Auburn. Compromised data or information can lead to severe financial losses and damage to Auburn's good name and reputation, adversely affecting students, faculty, collaborators in business, industry, and government, and researchers.

The ISIRT core membership is composed of leaders from a variety of fields across the organization including the Office of Information Technology, Office of Communications and Marketing, Department of Internal Auditing, Office of Governmental Affairs, Office of the General Counsel, Office of Human Resources, Office of the Provost, Distributed IT Management Council, Department of Public Safety and Security, and Risk Management and Safety. Subject matter experts and others will be added as necessary.

To report an information security or cyber incident please contact 334-844-0888 or send an email to

Reports submitted via phone will go through an operator who will ask some basic questions before routing the report to the ISIRT. If reporting by email please include as much information as possible such as immediate contact information, nature of the incident (data breach, stolen equipment, denial of service, etc), and if applicable location of incident, system(s) affected, type of account affected, etc.

Some examples of information security incidents to report include:

  • * Breach of IT security that affects normal operations or results in loss of mission capability.
  • * A security compromise, improper or illegal use of an Auburn University owned or operated IT system.
  • * A compromise of a user's or system's account credentials
  • * Disclosure of sensitive information potentially compromising Auburn University operations
  • * Disclosure of sensitive information potentially compromising the identity or privacy of Auburn University employees, students, contractors, alumni or other individuals whose data is entrusted to the care of Auburn.
  • * A serious operational incident related to IT systems owned or operated by Auburn University, e.g. a successful denial-of-service attack, or a major system or subsystem failure resulting in continuity of service failures
  • * Contact from the FBI, Secret Service, or other law enforcement organizations regarding a University information resource that may have been used to commit a computer crime.
  • * Serious improper or illegal use of an external system by an Auburn University employee, student or contractor originating from or passing though the Auburn University network
  • * Incidents involving the possible theft, compromise, or improper use of Auburn University computer equipment, mobile device, or electronically stored information.