Auburn University SharePoint

SharePoint is a platform for interactive, collaborative websites. SharePoint sites can be used for a blog, an area to collaborate on office documents, a place to host all of your digital forms, or the public facing website for your college, department, or organization. Or, all of the above.

New To SharePoint

We have a lot of great resources for you. Learn more about SharePoint and get answers from our SharePoint Community. Connect with other SharePoint users by joining the SharePoint User Group, or look as some of the great demos at our most recent SharePoint Showcase. Finally, if you're ready to dive into creating your own SharePoint site, you can request a new site.


SharePoint plays nice with most Microsoft productivity tools. Just a few examples Office WebApps allow you to modify documents right in the browser, Outlook allows you to sync calendars, and with Office 365 and SharePoint Online we will soon be able to further integrate with better external collaboration, true OneDrive integration, and more.

Top SharePoint Sites

NOTE: If you do not have permission for the site you visit you will receive and access denied notification.

College of Liberal Arts                                                     
Office of Information Technology                                                     
University Policies                                                     
Provost Awards and Honors                                                     

AUBootstrap Features Include:

  • Bootstrap Framework
  • Mobile Responsive Design
  • Navigate Up Icon
  • Ready to use Carousels (Bootstrap & Slick)
  • Ready to use SyntaxHighlighter
  • Click to Download
AUBootstrap Screenshot               
SharePoint Support Screenshot               

Auburn SharePoint Community Includes:

  • Template Assistance
  • SharePoint Forum and Knowledge Database
  • How-Tos/Training for SharePoint Tasks
  • Announcements For Updates/Events
  • Demo Sites
  • AU SharePoint Blog
  • 3rd Party Training Links

'AUBootstrap' is a ready-to-use, SharePoint 2013 and Bootstrap template!

Check out AU SharePoint for more updates and additions.